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Customize your page view

Managed Returns for Accountants provides ways for you to customize the display and tables using global preferences, on-demand preferences, and filters. Changes you make as you work, such as changing the width of a column or column choices, persist from session to session.


Use the following procedures to specify global and on-demand preferences, to manage column preferences, and limit the information provided in tables.

To set global preferences 

  1. Once you log into Managed Returns for Accountants, in the upper right corner of the page, select the Hello, username > User Preferences.
  2. On this page, you can specify preferences for the following:
    • General display settings, such as time zones and initial page appearance
    • Grids (tables), items per page, and column widths
    • Filter defaults upon opening a page
    • Your contact information
  3. Select Save on each preference set before moving to another set of preferences.
  4. When you return to the main view, select Home to return to the default page you set in User Preferences.

To use on-demand preferences

As you work, you can make changes to any configurable elements on a page, such as filter criteria, column width, column values added or removed, and other. The changes persist even after you end your work session.

The following pages enable you to add or remove columns from the page tables:

  • Filing tasks
  • Filing calendar
  • Tax notices
  • Transactions

To add or remove columns

  1. In a column heading, select the down arrow icon, and select Columns.
  2. Use the checkboxes to specify the columns you want displayed or hidden in the table.

To rearrange columns

Select and drag a column from one location to another in the table.

To sort a column

In the column you want to sort, select the down arrow, and select either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.


Use filters in the Filters pane or in the tables to locate the information you want to work with. You can find Filter panes on the following pages:

  • All Returns tab pages
  • All Filing Calendars tab pages
  • Notices page 

To filter a table

  1. In the left pane, enter or select filter criteria (for example, accounts, companies, and status) to create a list of companies you want to work with.
  2. Enter any required fields.
  3. Select Go. The table reflects the criteria you've entered in the fields. Note: When a client’s name or account number is entered in the Accounts field, the filing table displays query results for all of the client’s companies. 
  4. Hide or reveal the Filters pane by selecting the arrow icon just to the right of the pane. 

To filter a column

  1. In the column you want to filter, select the down arrow, and select Filter.
  2. Use the operator, filter logic, and additional operator menus to tailor your filtering criteria, and select Filter. The table reflects the results of the selected criteria.
  3. Select Clear to return the column to its original non-filtered status. Note: Selecting from value is not available on the Account header column. It is available in all other columns.
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