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Managed Returns for Accountants



  • Get StartedSet up Managed Returns for Accountants
    Learn how to set up Managed Returns for Accountants to file returns and remit payment on behalf of your clients.
  • 1. Organize your team
  • 2. Add client companies
  • 3. Schedule client returns
  • 4. Reconcile and review liabilities
  • Request client information

  • What you need to set up Managed Returns for Accountants
  • Request client funding power of attorney
  • Understand the monthly Managed Returns for Accountants cycle
  • Organize your team

  • Create a firm administrator
  • Create a user permission group
  • Add a user and set permissions
  • Organize companies into groups
  • Customize your page view
  • Add client companies

  • Add an account for each client
  • Add a company
  • Add where your client collects tax
  • Add a company location
  • Request a link to transactions in AvaTax
  • Import external data source transactions
  • Schedule a return

  • Submit a filing request
  • Understand Compliance approval of filing requests
  • Understand Canadian sales tax
  • Get StartedMaintain Managed Returns for Accountants
    Complete these tasks each month to stay tax compliant.
  • Reconcile and review liabilities

  • Review the liability summary
  • Recalculate the liability summary after making adjustments
  • Lock the liability summary to approve returns to be filed
  • Unlock the liability summary to make adjustments
  • Review unassigned transactions that won't be reported on returns
  • Reconcile using the liability summary and reports
  • Add recurring prepayments and prior payments
  • Monitor and apply carryover credits
  • Edit a transaction
  • Import a tax-only credit
  • Use vendor discounts and applied or excluded credits when reconciling
  • Update company and filing information

  • Edit where your client collects tax
  • Edit company information
  • Edit company locations
  • Update a filing request for a return
  • Monitor where your client is registered to collect tax
  • Manage tax notices

  • Send a tax notice to Avalara
  • Check the status of a tax notice
  • Request a representative power of attorney
  • Staying up to date

  • View and download filed returns
  • Amend and file a return late

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