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Why can I not change the Payment Date?


You are preparing to file your return in TrustFile and need to change the payment date. However, you are unable to click on the calendar or type in a change




  • The Payment Date can be changed up until the Due Date of the return
    • Once the Due Date is reached, the Payment Date cannot be changed and will default to either the Due Date or the last Payment Date you selected
    • The Payment Date will be grayed out and the calendar icon will have a red x 
  • Example 1: If the Due Date on your return is 1/20/17 and you are attempting to file on 1/20/17, you will not be able to click the Payment Date button to make a change
  • Example 2: The previous month you filed a return and changed the due date to 12/18/16. This month you go in to file and the Payment Date is grayed out and set to 1/18/16, and not the due date of 1/20/17