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What can I lookup in Amazon using the Reference Code in my posted transaction?


You are reviewing transactions extracted from Amazon and noticed each lists a Reference Code that starts with your Amazon Order ID followed by two other codes, you want to know what you can use the codes on the transaction to lookup in Amazon for reconciliation.





  • Each transaction includes a reference code made up of three components separated by an asterisk, OrderID*OrderItemID*FulfillmentCenterCode
    • Example: 123-0123456-1234567*01234567890123*BDL2
  • The first section is the Amazon Order ID
  • The second section is the Order Item ID
  • The third section is the Amazon Fulfillment Center Code 


Note: An order sent in multiple shipments can have unique Order Item IDs or Fulfillment Center codes for each item sent, creating a unique Reference Code for those items. To show each unique reference code there may be multiple transactions in our system with the same Order ID, because they were ordered together but shipped separately.


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