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Will TrustFile (re)calculate tax on my sales?


You are importing your sales transactions into TrustFile and are needing tax to be calculated or recalculated to be entered onto your state sales tax returns to be filed.




  • TrustFile does not calculate or recalculate the taxes for you. 
  • Returns in TrustFile are generated based on tax that you have already calculated on a sale. 
  • If no tax was calculated on sale it will be added to the return as a non-taxable sale.
  • If the amount of tax collected does not align with the proper tax rate for the jurisdiction, TrustFile will adjust the sale price to reflect the proper tax rate. It will never change the amount of tax you collected. Any adjustment to the sale price will be then allocate to an "adjustment" and reflected in the non-taxable sale amount on the return.