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What does Status Unmapped mean on a csv in TrustFile?


You are uploading data via .csv into TrustFile and your file status is Unmapped.




  • This simply means we have not seen your file headers before (the column names), so we are reviewing the file to map it.
    • We match the header name of each column in your file to the required data for the TrustFile import
    • Once the file is mapped we will notify you it is ready
    • We save the file mapping once completed so next time you import that file we will recognize the headers
    • If there is an issue and the file cannot be mapped you will receive an email that the file was rejected with a reason for rejection.

Note: to ensure your file can be mapped into TrustFile the first row must be the header row and there must be columns for Date, Price, Tax, and Shipping Address at a minimum. If any of the columns are missing or unclear, or if the first row contains anything but the header, the file will be rejected.