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How do I fix transactions that have errors or alerts in TrustFile?


You are reviewing your transactions in TrustFile and some of the transactions are flagged as errors or alerts and you need to know how to fix them.




TrustFile identifies transactions that have missing or incomplete data and flags them as an error (has tax collected but not enough information to determine jurisdiction) or an alert (no tax collected but not enough information to determine jurisdiction).

In the Transactions tab:

  • view alerts, click the yellow Alerts box to filter the transaction list to show just the alerts.
  • view errors, click All Errors to flip the list to the transactions that have errors. 


Instructions for fixing errors and alerts can be found starting on page 19 of the TrustFile Getting Started Guide or here in the How-to section of the TrustFile Help Center. 

For more information on correcting alerts caused by Shopify please refer to Fixing Alerts Caused by Shopify Refunds.

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