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How are refunded transactions reported in TrustFile?


You have refunded transactions and want to know how they will be reported on your returns in TrustFile.




Since we do not file amended returns through TrustFile, refunded transactions are treated as credits. The price and tax will be negative and be deducted from the totals on the return for the month that the refund occurred. For example, if the original transaction was on May 15th with a sale price of $100 and tax of $10 that transaction will appear on the May return. If the refund occurred on June 2nd a transaction of -$100 and tax of -$10 will be applied to the June return.

Note - since TrustFile does not file negative returns, if the total for refunds is more than the sales you had in the same jurisdiction within the state during the period, the credit will be held until it can be applied on a later return. (It will appear on the Review & File screen as below.) If you would like to receive the credit back from the state sooner than that, you can file an amended return directly with the state outside of TrustFile and delete the refunded transactions from TrustFile so the credit does not apply at a later date.

Credit Not Applied.PNG


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