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Why can't I file my Colorado return in TrustFile?


You are seeing a message that we are unable to file your CO return in TrustFile and are not sure why.




In late 2018 Colorado made some legislative changes to how sales tax reporting and registration worked in the state. For out-of-state retailers, it is now required that non-physical locations need to be registered with the state for all of the locations that sales were made. (There are approximately 680 separate locations in CO)

During a grace period that extended to June 2019, the state was allowing and accepting a single non-physical location to be registered and reported on form DR100. After June 2019, they require that every location that has had a sale made into it have an associated registration and location ID provided when filing.

For this reason now all filings in CO are multiple location filings. We are currently unable to support multiple location filing in TrustFile so are unable to file CO returns within TrustFile. 

Please reach out to your Avalara Account Manager for further information on options available for filing your CO return moving forward as we will not be able to support CO filing through TrustFile as long as they require multiple location filing.