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Why are there no returns showing when I log into TrustFile?


You have already set up your TrustFile account and filed a return last month. When you log into the site to file the currently due returns, no state is listed.




  • If no return is generated this month on the main dashboard it means you do not have a return due based on the frequency you have set for your configured states. 
  • If you believe you should file a return for a state this month click on States & History and expand the state in question.
    • If the state is listed, click on State settings and confirm the filing frequency you have selected for the state. Adjust if necessary and a new return will be generated.
    • If the state you are looking for is not listed, it has not been configured. Return to the Current Returns dashboard and click Add a state registration to configure the state you need.

You will only see returns on the main dashboard if you have returns due during the month as the main dashboard is for Current Returns only.


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