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Why are past transactions showing up in current returns in TrustFile?


You are reviewing your returns and transactions outside the expected date range for filing are being included on the current return.




  • TrustFile assumes data brought into the system has not been filed yet and will place it on to the current return.
    • Data could be from File Upload or via the Connector Sync
  • There is not currently a method to amend tax on prior returns, so TrustFile sweeps data forward onto the current returns so all tax can be remitted. It is meant to account for partial month's data. For example, if you were to start collecting tax in the middle of a month you may have not filed a return for the partial month so want to include the transactions on your first full month return, in which case the transactions from the previous month that had no been filed would need to be swept forward onto the current return.
    • This is why selecting the proper date for import is important so that transactions that may have been accounted for on previous returns not filed through TrustFile are not included on the current return. 
  • If you have annual and/or quarterly filing frequencies there is a good chance you had to select a date for import that will include transactions for monthly filing states that you do not need.


If previous sales have been imported into TrustFile and you do not wish for them to be included on the returns, you will need to delete them from the transaction list.

The quickest way to delete all the transactions you do not need is by bulk deletion. To do this:

  • Click on Transactions from the top menu bar in TrustFile
  • Click Advanced Filtering to expand the options
  • Under Swept select Swept Forward, deselect Unswept, and click Filter


  • Click the checkbox at the top of the transaction list and then click the link that appears "Select all xxx transactions" to select all applicable transactions

Select all.PNG

  • Click Delete

Note: Once you delete the transactions it will take some time for the returns to update with the proper totals as everything needs to be recalculated. Any transactions deleted from TrustFile have only been deleted in TrustFile and from the original location of the transaction.

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