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What types of returns and what forms are supported by TrustFile?


You want to know what can be filed through TrustFile.




  • TrustFile only supports US state-level sales tax returns for tangible personal property (TPP) sales. An updated list of what forms are supported for each state can be found here.  
    • Home Rule state's local returns are not prepared or filed through TrustFile but the jurisdictional breakdowns for those locations are available in TrustFile. Instructions on where to find that information can be found here.
    • Prepayments are not prepared or paid through TrustFile. If you need to determine how much you would owe for a prepayment you can find the instructions here.
    • If you are required to report your company-wide total sales on a return, that is not currently supported in TrustFile. 
    • Use tax is not supported by TrustFile.