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How do I fill out the IL-8633 form for TrustFile IL filing?


You are required to fill out the IL-8633 form to file in IL and need to know how it needs to be filled out.




  • Because you are filing in the state of IL, you must fill out and file Form IL-8633 and send it to the Illinois Department of Revenue before we will be able to file any IL returns in TrustFile. On the states settings for IL you are asked to confirm that you have completed the form and submitted it to IL. Entering 'yes' confirms that you understand this is required and that failure to complete form IL-8633 may result in notices which you will be liable for.


IL State Settings.PNG

  • Below is an example of the sections required to be filled out on form IL-8633. The example also includes all of the Avalara information that needs to be included on the form.




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