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How do I change the form to be filed in TrustFile?


You have a different form selected to file for one or more States than the one you need and would like to change the return to the correct form, so you may file.




  • Click on States & History
    • Click the blue arrow on the state you need to update
    • Click the State Settings link
    • Choose the correct form from the dropdown menu (ensure you select the correct frequency of the form if more than one is available)
    • Click Save

Once you click Save a new return will be generated. Once the return has completed generation it is recommended to go back into the State Settings and confirm that your username and password for the state's DOR is still entered as form regeneration can reset the state settings form.

Note: if the form you need to file is not listed in the dropdown it means that the form is not supported by TrustFile at this time. A complete list of all supported state forms can be found here. If you require filing a form not listed, you will need to either file that form directly with the state or contact your account manager to investigate other returns options.


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