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How do I add a state in TrustFile?


You need to add a state for filing in TrustFile.




If you have imported transactions into TrustFile either via direct sync or via file upload, TrustFile will read the jurisdiction information on the transactions and prompt you to add the states in which tax was found. You will see a pop-up listing all the states in which tax was found. Use the drop downs to set your filing frequency for each state (as dictated by the state with your registration). Click Save All

Configure State.PNG

Note: If a state is listed in the pop-up that you are not registered in you can use the slider to Disable the state. Ensure you check your tax collections settings in your sales or accounting platforms to ensure you are not collecting tax in states in which you are not registered.

If a state for which you are registered did not appear in the pop-up, you can manually add the state.

  • In the top left corner click the Add a state registration link.

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  • In the pop-up select the state, at which point the Select Form dropdown will update with available forms for that state. Select the form that the state has requested you file (there may be many options in the dropdown so it is important you select the correct one).
  • Once you select the form, ensure you have the proper frequency set in the next dropdown. If the frequency you need is not listed, it means that the wrong form was selected.

Add a State.PNG


  • Click on Continue.

Note: If the state you need to configure does not appear in the dropdown you may have previously disabled it, or you have not completed the initial configuration. Close the pop-up and check whether there is a banner with a blue Configure button. If there is not, click the Show 'x' disabled states link to see the states that were previously disabled to re-enable.


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