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Can I remove past due returns from TrustFile?


You would like to remove a return that is listed as Past Due in TrustFile.




Past Due returns cannot be removed from TrustFile.

If you have filed a return outside of TrustFile you will want to check the "I've already filed this return" check box on the return banner to have it marked as Manually Filed in TrustFile. This will stop returns being marked as Past Due.

If you do not check the "I've already filed this return" box the return will be marked as Past Due, but as it is only reflected within TrustFile reporting as Past Due it does not have any negative implications for your tax compliance.

If there is a return generated for a state in which you are not registered and do not need to file returns, you can disable the state. Under state settings for the state, scroll to the bottom of the settings and flip the button under Enabled to disable the state. Returns will no longer be generated for that state.

Enable State.png

If you need to re-enable a disabled state you can do so by clicking the Show Disabled States link in the top right corner of the main dashboard and flipping the Enable button.

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