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In TrustFile, why are there different file by dates and when will my return be filed?


You are wanting more information about how your returns are filed within TrustFile.




  • Some state returns are electronically-filed via API in TrustFile. Other states are processed manually by our filing team, this is referred to as Concierge Filing by Avalara.
    • Within TrustFile you can tell which states are electronically-filed and which are Concierge by the File By date listed. If the date is the 10th of the month, it is a Concierge filing state. If the date aligns with the listed due date, it is electronically-filed.
      • In order for Avalara to file on your behalf using Concierge Filing, you need to have all of your data imported and the return must be in a Requested status (hit File Now) by 5 P.M. PT on the 10th of the month. There are no exceptions made for the filing deadline. If you miss the File By date you will need to file the return outside of TrustFile directly with the state.
        • If you have enabled auto-file, Concierge returns will be automatically added to the filing queue on the 5th of the month so all data must be complete before then.
  • For Concierge states, the returns are added to a filing queue and are completed based on a number of criteria depending upon requirements for each state. The filing team has an established hierarchy for filing based upon deadlines and complexity of filing. For this reason your returns will be filed at different rates, but will be filed by the state due dates. 
    • When the return has been submitted to the state for filing you will receive an email confirmation. When it has been accepted by the state and filed with them you will receive another confirmation email. The status of the return will change from "Filing" to "Filed" in TrustFile. 
  • For electronically-filed returns, the returns are directly transmitted to the state so there is no delay in the filing. You are able to adjust the date in which you would like payment to be withdrawn for these states anywhere between the date you submit them and the due date.

*Note - If you need to make a change to a return after you have submitted it in TrustFile, electronically-filed returns cannot be changed and you would need to contact the state to make a change. Concierge filings can be changed if they are still in the "Requested" status and you have not received a confirmation that it has been submitted to the state. Please contact us if you need a change made.


Internal Notes Section: 


  • Concierge service does not include amending OR backfiling, for customer communication, we only deal with the current term
    • Concierge takes no action for previous periods, BUT the concierge may elect to assist a customer with returns for a previous period if there is data for previous periods already loaded in the software when they submit the first concierge return
    • DO NOT OFFER backfiling or amended filing to a customer, the concierge will review the data when they file and determine if there are any additional services, such as filing a return for a previous month, to offer


  • If you need to escalate a request/issue related to Concierge service, engage via a JIRA ticket

    • Enter a ticket in the TF (TrustFile Filing) project

    • Include the full account Company name, user name, and the state/form (filing period must be current)

Escalations can be made at any point but because of filing deadlines the requested action may not be able to be completed in time. If there was a system issue (with an associated JIRA ticket to Engineering) that is resulting in a filing deadline being missed you can submit a Late Filing Request via JIRA a day or two after the deadline and the concierge team will let you know whether they will be able to accept the request or not. 

Escalations to the filing team are all contingent on the volume of returns requested each month so every time an escalation is made the communication to the customer needs to be clear that it has been escalated but there is no guarantee that their request can be accommodated. Set the proper expectations with the customer that if they are nervous about a filing being completed on time they are able to file the return directly with the state and we can cancel their request in TrustFile. 

If the return is in "Filed" status the customer will need to work with the state to make any changes and no escalation should be made.