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How do I resolve 'The total surtax due should be $X.XX' on Line 15 in TrustFile?


When trying to file a return in TrustFile, you are unable to click Save, and the Lines 15(a-d) section appears in red. When you expand it you see:

The total surtax due should be $X.XX. XXX county has a surtax rate of X.XX%, which was applied to the taxable amount from Lines A-E minus the sum of Lines 15a-c. Read more details about surtax here.


Avalara TrustFile


  • The county your sales are in requires you to collect and remit local surtax

    • We base the county on your FL Certificate Number unless you load actual sales including sale address (via import or transaction sync)
    • Correct your company address if you are actually located in a different county
  • When surtax is required the total amount of local surtax must be listed on line 15d
    • The amount is based on the local surtax rate and the taxable sales included in Column 3 Lines A - E
      • If your sales are exempt, surtax does not apply, or it applies at a different rate, list your sales in lines A - C as appropriate
        • List any exempt amounts in 15(a). Exempt Amount of Items Over $5,000
        • List any amounts not subject to Surtax in 15(b). Other Taxable Amounts NOT Subject to Surtax
        • List any amounts taxed at a special surtax rate in 15(c). Amounts Subject to Surtax at a Rate Different Than Your County Surtax Rate
      • The total amount of Surtax is listed in 15(d). Total Amount of Discretionary Sales Surtax Due 
        • This is the amount of surtax you collected in total
        • Amounts you enter in lines A - C reduce the amount required here.
  • Make adjustments then click Save, if there are any additional adjustments required the form will show the section in red again.
    • You cannot click Save until you make a change
  • Once you have made all required adjustments File Now will no longer be grayed out, click File Now to file.

Internal Notes Section: 

  • Customers can bypass this requirement by entering anything larger than 0 in line 15d. This is not best practice.