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How do I change the payment date to be after the 17th for my Florida Return ?


You would like to know how to change your payment date associated with your return to be after the 17th.




  • This is not possible with
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    . We have received clear instructions from the Florida Department of Revenue that our customers could receive penalties for filing after the 17th.  Therefore, we will not allow the payment date to be set after the 17th within TrustFile.
  • However, you can select the  I remit directly to the state option to file your return without payment.
    • First, click State settings under the Florida Return
    • Then check the box, I remit directly to the state
    • Click Save
  • You will then have to send your payment directly to the Department of Revenue on a later date of your choosing.
  • If you have already filed your return, you will need to contact the Department of Revenue for that State to change your payment date.



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