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How can I be sure my payment and filing are scheduled on time?


You want to make sure you do not schedule a payment or filing after the state deadline.




  • Choose a date that is no later than the Due Date shown in the final filing window
    • Dates/times are shown in the tax jurisdiction's time zone.
    • We show this information using the time zone of the filing authority (the Department of Revenue), so the date (time) you choose is being entered in their time zone.
    • If you prepare your filing after the due date you cannot change the payment or file date, your return will be filed as early as possible.
  • Date(s) and time(s) not associated with a filing authority (like the time in the Transaction Activity log) are shown in the time zone configured under Settings > User Settings
    • We use the local time zone set on your computer if you haven't selected one in User Settings.
  • If you see an unexpected date or time please contact Support


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