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How Do I Export Transactions in Avalara Trustfile?


I need to export transactions in TrustFile




  1. Navigate to the Transactions tab.
  2. Click Advanced filtering to expand search options.
  3. Adjust filters to limit the list of transactions to include those which you would like to export.
    • If you are searching for a date range prior to the current filing period you may need to select the Historic checkbox under Status to ensure the older transactions are included.
  4. Click Filter button or clipboard_e76fef7d744e52722d2e4dcf1c3f6adbd.png to limit transaction list by chosen filters.
  5. Click checkbox to the left of the greyed out Delete button to select all items showing in the list.
  6. If the number of transactions exceeds the number currently showing (default 25 transactions, maximum 100) a link will appear below the buttons to select all found transactions.
  7. Click now active Export to .csv button.
  8. Exported file will be emailed to the email on the account and if the transaction list exceeds 10,000 lines it will be split into multiple files and emails.
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