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When will new returns be available to file and what is the earliest date that a return can be filed in TrustFile?


You want to submit your return for filing and want to know when it will be available to file.




  • New returns are generated on the first of the month.
  • If you have a return due during the current month it will be available on the main dashboard, but if your return is not due during the current month you will need to wait until the month that it is due for it to be generated.
  • Once the returns are generated you can file them anytime between the first of the month and the listed filing deadline.
  • Before filing your return ensure you have confirmed that all of your transactions are included on the return and that the return is accurate as Avalara is not liable for the accuracy of any returns that are filed through TrustFile.
    • If you use one or more of the data sync options in TrustFile, such as Amazon or Shopify for example, you may want to wait a day or two beyond the first of the month to file the returns as it can sometimes take time for the reporting from the end of the month to be completed and sync-d into TrustFile.
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