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How long does it take for the state to accept a return filed through TrustFile?


You have filed returns through TrustFile and would like to know the normal timeframe for it to be accepted and filed with the state.




When you click File Now by the 10th of the month, or utilize auto-file in TrustFile by the 5th of the month, the returns are entered into the TrustFile filing queue. 

For states whose filing deadlines align with the due date, we have a direct transmission with the state to file your return and it is usually filed and accepted by the state within 24-48 hours. 

The bulk of the states do not have direct transmission at this time, and must be filed by our Concierge Filing team. Information on filing requirements for each state, with their filing deadlines can be found here.

When you submit a Concierge-filed return for filing it is entered into the filing queue to be filed by a member of our team. There is a priority list depending on many factors which organizes the queue. As the return is filed and accepted by the state the return will be marked as Filed. As the filing period progresses you will see the status of returns changing from Filing to Filed as they are completed. 

The earlier in the month you can manage to submit your returns, the higher in the queue they will be, and the sooner they will be filed. 

Note that states with due dates farther in the month will be filed last as most states have due dates of the 20th and all of the returns submitted for 20th due dates will be completed before any others.