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How can I be sure my payment and filing are scheduled on time through TrustFile?


You want to know when your return and payment will be filed and remitted to the state.




TrustFile has filing deadlines which are listed for each state within TrustFile. At this time most of the filing deadlines are the 10th of the month every month. More information on each state's filing deadlines can be found here.

The filing deadlines are established to ensure your returns will be filed with the state by the state's due date.

States with a filing deadline of the 10th of the month will be filed any time between when they are submitted in TrustFile and the due date. When you click File Now the returns are added to our filing queue to be filed based on prioritization. The status changes from "Filing" to "Filed" once the return has been filed and processed by the state.

States with filing deadlines that align with the state due date are directly transmitted to the state without being added to a filing queue. These returns will be filed with the state as soon as you click the File Now button and payment will be remitted on the state due date. You can adjust the date of remittance to any date prior to the due date by using the date selection tool on the File & Remit pop-up.

Remit date adjustment.PNG


Note: If you have selected auto-file for a direct transmission state the filing will be automatically completed 3 days prior to the due date and the remittance will be completed on the due date. If you are required by the state (WI for example) to file and remit prior to the due date you will need to de-select auto-file and click the File Now button and adjust the payment date to ensure your return is filed and paid by the date dictated by the state.

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