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How are tax payments handled in TrustFile?


You want to know how your taxes are paid when filing through TrustFile.




When you file your return through TrustFile you have two options for payment, have your payment submitted with your return or arrange payment separately.

TrustFile Remits Payment

The default is to have TrustFile remit your checking account details to the state with your filing.

For this to be completed you must provide a checking account under Settings - Payment & Remittance and enter a valid checking account and routing number under Remittance Account. Note: If you need to change your remittance account you must do so by the listed "File By" date for each state for the correct payment information to be remitted.

Once a valid checking account is added to TrustFile, when you click the File Now button the confirmation pop-up will ask you to File & remit and your banking information will be provided to the state to withdraw the funds along with your filed return. Note: You will want to ensure any account you have setup on the state's DOR site matches what you have entered in TrustFile as some states will automatically use whatever you have in your account whereas others will use what is provided in the filing request.

You Remit Directly to the State

If you would like to arrange payment separately, you will need to ensure you have updated your settings for each state in which you would like to arrange payment yourself or TrustFile will send payment information to that state.

To ensure only the return is being filed and no payment sent do the following:

  • First, click State settings on the state you need to update


  • Under Remittance preference on the settings pop-up, choose the radio button 'I remit directly to the state' 

Remittance preferences.PNG

  • Click Save

When you click the File now button, you will see the following message on the pop-up and the button to submit will say File instead of File & Remit.

Filing only.PNG

You will need to update the settings for each state you wish to arrange payment for separately. 

After you file the return through TrustFile, you will need to make the payment for the taxes due directly with the state or risk delinquency.