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Can I add/remove transactions or adjust a return after I submit for filing in TrustFile?


You want to know if you can alter a return after you have either clicked "File Now" or the auto-file function has requested the filing in TrustFile.




Once you've requested a return, either by clicking the "File Now" button or automatically if you use auto-file, the return will no longer accept modifications. 

To ensure that your returns are accurate, before requesting filing, make sure that: 
* All transactions have been uploaded to TrustFile 
* Any prepayments or other adjustments to the return are complete 
* The amount of tax due is correct 

All modifications and confirmations of the returns must be completed by the "File by" date on each return - the 5th of the month with auto-file and the 10th of the month without for the majority of the states.


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