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How do I resolve an issue with my QuickBooks Desktop connector not syncing with TrustFile?


You're trying to sync Quickbooks Desktop to TrustFile and your transactions do not appear in TrustFile.




The computer with your Quickbooks Desktop must be running with QuickBooks open for a sync to occur.

  • Verify that you actually have data to be synced in Quickbooks Desktop
  • Confirm that both Quickbooks and the Quickbooks to TrustFile connector are running, via your Task Manager
    • These may be listed as QB32.exe and TrustFile/CE/CloudElements for Quickbooks
  • Try to restart the Cloud Elements (CE) connector
  • Try to restart your computer, then restart both Quickbooks and the Cloud Elements (CE) connector
  • If you have attempted all of the above and transactions are still not syncing, please Contact Avalara Support