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Can I use Avalara TrustFile to calculate sales tax with only gross sales?


You know what your sales totals are, but you're not certain how much tax you should have collected. You want to know if you can use TrustFile to calculate sales tax. 




  • TrustFile is a reporting tool. It uses data from your shopping cart, web store, ERP system, uploads (imports), or transactions you enter in TrustFile to help you report your sales tax obligations.
  • TrustFile uses the amounts that you have determined; it doesn't calculate tax if none was included.
  • TrustFile assumes you've collected tax in the states where you are registered to collect sales tax, and that you have collected the correct amount of tax.
  • If your transactions don’t itemize sales tax for each transaction where it was collected—for example, if your sale price includes sales tax—you’ll have to calculate the tax manually and deduct it from the total sale amount.

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