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Can I add another user to my account?


You want to know how to add access for another user to your TrustFile account.




  • In TrustFile for Accountants click Manage Staff (on the right-hand side of the home screen) > Add staff
    • The staff you add will get an email allowing them to set their own password.
    • That new user can then log in using their own e-mail and password.
  • TrustFile includes access with one login, if you do not see the options above, contact us to convert your TrustFile to the TrustFile for Accountants version
    • TrustFile for Accountants lets you add any number of clients (company profiles) and users
    • We automatically provide TrustFile if you signed up for Merchant service, or had one company prior to using the web-based version and were converted

Internal Notes Section: 

  • Only the current account admin (sole user) can request for the service to be upgraded to the TrustFile for Accountants version
  • To change a TrustFile account (Merchant subscription) to a TrustFile for Accountants account (multi-company/multi-user):
    • Go to the admin page > search their email > click on the blue arrow next to Account (not hodor):
    • Click Upgrade under Account:

If there is no upgrade button then they are currently on TFO for Accountants.