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Can I add another company to my account?


You have multiple companies that you need to report and file for, and want to know if you can setup an account where you can access all of your companies.




  • In TrustFile for Accountants click Add a company at the top of your home page in between “find a company” and “sort by", > follow the prompts to complete company creation
    • You can add as many companies as needed, and file and report for each one separately
  • TrustFile includes service for one company with access for one user, if you do not see the options above, contact us to convert  to the TrustFile for Accountants version 
    • TrustFile for Accountants lets you add any number of clients (company profiles) and users
    • We automatically provide TrustFile if you signed up for Merchant service, or had one company prior to using the web-based version and were converted\
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