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Why is my multi-line transaction receiving an import error of "DocStatus is Invalid" for one or more of the line items?


While importing a document with multiple lines, I receive an error:

"Docstatus invalid"

When reviewing the Result file, only the first line was imported successfully. All other lines are listed in the Error file.


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  • If you have not put the document lines in succession on the import template, then, when the import gets to the second line, it will throw the error as

    • The service is expecting a new transaction, even though the line number is different.

    • You can avoid this error by importing the lines in sequence.

  • If you have already received the error,  then you should re-import the entire original template, with the DocCodes and Line Numbers in sequence

    • Use a ProcessCode of 4 or 2 to adjust the current transaction record in the admin console and add the other lines.

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