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Transactions to Florida zip codes 34249 or 33206 produce no tax


Transactions with a destination address including Florida zip code 34249 or 33206 produce a tax rate of 0.


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In Florida, certain zip codes are special tax jurisdictions. This includes FL zip codes 34249 (in Sarasota) and 33206 (in Coral Gables). The following address also falls within these guidelines.   7801 NW 37TH ST, DORAL, FL 33195

  • The FL Department of Revenue designates special tax jurisdictions like these with a 0% tax rate
  • You may review and test the rates for this zip code and your addresses at the FL Department of Revenue site below

Sales associated with this zip code may appear as Taxable in AvaTax, even though no tax is produced.

  • This happens because the tax code you are using is normally taxable in Florida. If the transaction aligns with an exempt zip code, the tax jurisdiction has a 0% rate
  • Technically, AvaTax views this as a taxable transaction, but only taxable at a 0% tax rate for that jurisdiction
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