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How do I adjust a transaction to be in the current liability period?


We missed a transaction in our liability worksheet and need to have it filed in a later liability period.


Avalara Avatax


  • A transaction that was not filed will not be locked, confirm it is not locked then adjust the Document Date to move it to the current (or correct) filing period
  • Go to Transactions > pull up transaction > click the DocCode > click Edit 
    • Change the docDate to the current liability period
    • Choose an adjustment reason
    • Save as committed
  • For transactions added via Import > go to original Import file (Tools View Imported File Status) > change Process Code to 2 (tax override) or 4 (adjust with calculation)> correct Document Date > re-Import file
  • You should now see your transaction as committed in that liability period with the appropriate date, reports will reflect these changes the following morning.


Note: It is not possible to edit a locked transaction, if you attempt to edit a locked transaction an error will occur.

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