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How can I update a locked transaction?


You see a locked transaction is incorrect and you want to adjust it.


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Returns


  • This requires entering additional transactions, you cannot edit a locked transaction because it is included in a period which we have already filed on your behalf
  • We recommend entering an offsetting credit and a new transaction reflecting the correct value:
    • Depending on your needs these two transactions would be entered in the Admin Console or in your accounting system directly.
      • Admin Console: Add transactions via import or manually in the Transaction tab
        • Enter a new transaction in the account with the correct information (you cannot use the same document code (invoice number) as each transaction must have a unique document code)
        • Enter a credit which backs out the value of the incorrect locked transaction​
      • Accounting system
        • If your accounting system is already correct it is likely easier to make the adjustments in the Admin Console
        • If your accounting system also had an incorrect value, we recommend making adjustments there so all systems match, following your normal processes
  • Alternatively you may choose to enter a single transaction that adjusts the incorrect value, but due to the taxability of individual tax codes and complexity of certain state sales tax, this may require additional work such as creating tax rules or exemptions, and can be done in the Admin Console or accounting system as appropriate


Note​: You can do this in the original period, if you would like Avalara to file an amended return, or during the current month, if you would like it included in the current returns.

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