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How do I make a tax code non taxable only at the city level?


You want to make a tax code non-taxable in all cities (or a single city) but taxable everywhere else in the state.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Create a tax rules using the tax rule import, column headings and value are listed below, add this information to the full template in the column as listed after " - ":
    • This rule makes the tax code non-taxable in all city type jurisdictions in the state:
      • A TaxRuleId - 2
      • B ProcessCode - 1
      • C TaxRuleTypeId - 4
      • E Country - US
      • F Region Text - State abbreviation
      • G JurisTypeId - CIT
      • H JurisCode - *
        • To create the rule for only one city, use the jurisdiction code for that city, see Note below
      • J IsAllJuris - 0
      • K TaxCode - Your TaxCode
      • M TaxTypeId  - B
      • O Value - 0
      • V Description - Rule Name
    • If you try to view the rule in the admin console an alert will appear, since there is no single jurisdiction selected, you cannot edit the rule in the admin console, must edit via import if needed.


Note: To make the rule apply to only one city, use the actual jurisdiction code instead of "*":

  • Calculate tax for an address in the city using the BTC (Admin Console > Tools > Basic Tax Calculator), jurisdiction codes are listed in the detail on the right.



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