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Why are some notices I sent not logged in the Admin Console?


You see that some notices you have sent to Avalara are not logged in the Admin Console and you want to know why.


Avalara Returns


  • We log notices in the Admin Console if they are related to a return we filed and an issue we handle for your business directly:

    • Notices that are related to something other than returns we file for you are not logged

      • Example: Business Registration renewal notices, notices related to return you filed directly, IRS notices, etc.

    • Notices that request for an update to be made for future filing, or to change forms, etc. (proactive notices) are resolved by updating your filing calendar

      • See how to update your Filing Calendar here
    • Notices that are a general notification of a system-wide change such as a DOR contact update, a new registration process, a tax rate change, or a website address update are not logged

  • For every "notice" type issue which does not result in a Notice being logged, we send an email confirming recommended next steps, and you can see that Resolution in your Support Cases

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