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What happens to my notices I send in?


You sent a noticeHoverTT.png but haven't heard back yet and want to know if there are any updates.


Avalara Returns


  • We email to confirm the notice is logged
  • Average time until our first update is 6 weeks after logging the notice.
    • Average time to resolve a notice is within 8 - 10 weeks, sooner when necessary.
    • We take into account the urgency of the notice, and various other factors when prioritizing.
    • Please check the Comments section for any updates.
    • All updates are posted immediately as Comments in the Admin Console. 
    • Notices take an additional 2 - 6 weeks to resolve in California, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington DC (CA, HI, MD, DC).
  • To see how to view notices in the Admin Console, including current status and updates, click here for a click-by-click walk through.


Next steps

For more information, read manage tax notices.