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What do the Status Definitions for Tax Notices mean?


You see various statuses for noticesHoverTT.pngthat are logged in the Admin Console and would like to know what they mean.


Avalara Returns


The table below shows the possible statuses of notices in Returns and what they mean.

Open–In Process The notice was logged into Returns and is in a queue for the Returns notice team to research it.
Open–Working Internally The Returns notice team is researching the issue and is waiting for more information to understand what caused it and how to fix it.
Open–Awaiting Reply from Jurisdiction The Returns notice team contacted the jurisdiction to get more information about the assessment, and they are waiting for the jurisdiction’s response. The team may have sent documentation such as proof of payment, a waiver-request letter, or a power of attorney to fix the issue. It might take anywhere from a few days to several months for the jurisdiction to process the documentation. The Returns notice team constantly follows up on these cases until they are resolved.
Open–To Be Paid A payment was requested from our finance group to resolve part or all of the balance. It usually takes 6 or 7 days to issue a check for this. If the Returns notice team requests a waiver of penalty, they will pay only interest and/or tax up front. Once they issue a check, the status will return to Open–Awaiting Reply from Jurisdiction.
Open–Awaiting Reply from the Customer The Returns notice team contacted you to obtain more information or a completed power of attorney so they can contact the jurisdiction.
Closed–Final The Returns notice team researched the issue and resolved the balance or delinquency. Neither you nor the Returns notice team must do anything else to fix this issue.
Closed–Paid The balance of tax and/or penalty and interest has been paid. The issue has been resolved.
Closed–Customer Action Required You must make a payment or contact the jurisdiction to resolve the issue that caused the notice. This issue is “non-filing” if you didn’t add the jurisdiction to your filing calendar or “late filing” if you didn’t provide the updated filing frequency. If it’s a non-filing issue, Avalara has services that you can use for amended or late returns.
Closed–Backfiled The missing return(s) were requested, logged by the Backfiling team, and are being filed.
Closed–Amended The Returns notice team sent an amended return to resolve the balance due.
Closed–Abated The Returns notice team sent a letter to the jurisdiction to request a waiver of penalty, and the waiver has been granted. Any interest that was due has been paid.
  • To see how to view notices in the Admin Console, including current status and updates, click here for a click-by-click walk through.

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