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How does Avalara handle notices I submit?


I have a noticeHoverTT.png that I submitted to Avalara a few days ago and would like know how it will be handled.


Avalara Returns


  • The noticed is logged by our Notice team.
    • At this point, you can view the status of the notice in your Admin Console: Go to Tax Returns > Tax Notices.
  • To see how to view notices in the Admin Console, including current status and updates, click here for a click-by-click walk through.

Note: Average time until our first update is 6 weeks after logging the notice. Average time to resolve a notice is within 8 - 10 weeks, sooner when necessary. We take into account the urgency of the notice, and various other factors when prioritizing. Please check the Comments section for any updates. All updates are posted immediately as Comments in the Admin Console. Notices take an additional 2 - 6 weeks to resolve in California, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington DC (CA, HI, MD, DC).

Next steps

For more information, read manage tax notices