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Why is my non-taxable code taxing as a Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) state?


Transactions with non-taxable code are returning with tax in a Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) state.


Avalara Avatax

Streamlined Sales Tax (SST)


All Avalara tax codes are approved for use by SST participants, except for NT- Non-Taxable Product.

  • If you receive a taxable result in an SST state for an Avalara tax code other than "NT": the code you are using has been determined as taxable by the SST Board.
  • If you receive a taxable result in an SST state for  tax code NT: you will need to select and map to a different tax code
  • Transactions missing an Item Code or Item Description will lead to a taxable result. Make sure your transactions have data for both fields. See SST transaction requirements.