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Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) and Marketplace Sellers

Can I be part of the SST program if I am a marketplace seller?

Yes, a marketplace seller can participate in the SST program.

Transactions calculated by marketplace facilitators can be imported into AvaTax to be included in SST filings. Sales included on SST filings must be recalculated by the CSP, Avalara will always report tax based on AvaTax calculations even if tax was already calculated by the marketplace facilitator.

There may be instances where the recalculated sales tax differs from the tax calculated at the time of sale due to the tax rates used by the marketplace. The seller is responsible for reconciling collected and remitted amounts, and collecting or refunding any differences.

If the marketplace remits on your behalf, and you are importing these transactions to Avatax, you must ensure the proper location codes are used to exclude these transactions from the returns. SST sellers are not required to recalculate (or upload) marketplace transactions that are excluded from SST returns.

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