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Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) and Avalara Exemption Certificate Management

SST sellers are required to collect exemption certificate data (images are not required under the SST program). SST sellers can use the free of charge Avalara Exemptions, which collects data only, or they can purchase an Avalara Exemption Certificate Management System, which collects data and images.

To calculate an entity exemption, the exemption certificate data must be entered into AvaTax Exemptions or Avalara Examption Certificate Management  prior to committing the transaction in AvaTax. SST customers are not required to upgrade to Avalara Exemption Certificate Management, but the product may be beneficial given your organizational needs.

If you are an Avalara Exemption Certificate Management user, ensure that each certificate contains valid purchaser IDs and purchaser business types, prior to going live with SST. If the exemption certificate does not contain this data, obtain an SST exemption certificate from your exempt customer. The SST exemption certificate can be found at SST-Exemptions

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