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Why are finalized Opportunities sent to AvaTax without hitting button in Salesforce?


You notice Finalized Opportunities are being sent to AvaTax without hitting 'Finalized Opportunity' button in Salesforce.




  • The Opportunity is pushed to AvaTax as Uncommitted/Not Saved when tax is calculated. The Opportunity moves to Committed/Save upon finalization.  In addition, if you have enabled the automatic tax calculation feature (Re-calculate Tax upon Invoice Editing) or if you hit the Calculate Sales Tax button, transactions are pushed to AvaTax as Uncommitted.
  • To pass the transactions as Committed on AvaTax, you need to enable the feature Save transaction as a Commit on AvaTax under "Tax Calculation Settings" on Avalara Configuration page. If you have disabled this feature your transaction will fail to mark as Committed on AvaTax.
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