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Why are Salesforce documents not committing to AvaTax?


Documents (Opportunities or Quotes) created in Salesforce are not appearing in our AvaTax data as committed.


AvaTax for Salesforce


In order for documents to be committed to the Avalara AvaTax Admin Console from AvaTax for Salesforce, the following are required:

  • In TaxNow Settings, check Enable Commits:
    • Open TaxNowSettings tab > next to View, click Go!  > click AvaTax > next to TaxNow Setting Detail > click Edit
  • On the Opportunity (or Quotes) page, click the Finalize Opportunity (Quote) button


Note: You may need to bring down the Finalize Opportunity (or Finalize Quote) button in edit layout mode. Also, the status of the document will need to be approved.