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Why am I getting "AVA_SFCORE: Too many query rows: 50001" in Salesforce?


In Salesforce, you are trying to calculate tax or finalize your invoice but are getting the error "AVA_SFCORE: Too many query rows: 50001".




  • This error can be caused by several different issues and does not include a specific error message describing the cause.
  • Please upgrade to the newest version of the Avalara AvaTax for SalesForce package(s) to receive a specific error so that further troubleshooting can be completed.
    • By upgrading you will have access to the many other enhancements, please see Avalara AvaTax for Salesforce Release Notes for details
    • Once the upgrade is complete you will receive an error describing the cause of the issue, like a product name that is too long, trying to re-save a locked document, ar trying to use a bad address. Seeing the error message will enable you to fix the issue in the individual transaction, invoice, customer address, etc.
  • Upgrade to version: