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How to limit usage using AvaTax for Salesforce?


Limiting usage when utilizing the AvaTax for Salesforce integration is a concern.


AvaTax for Salesforce


Limiting usage in the AvaTax for Salesforce integration can be done by:
If you do not need AvaTax to store calculation data, ensure that the following options are unchecked in the TaxNow Settings.
 - Enable Commits
 - Save UnCommitted Invoices On Tax Calc
Also, you can lower usage by verifying the Automatic Tax Calculation option in the TaxNow Settings is unchecked.

With the settings setup this way, calculations performed will only happen when the calculate tax button is clicked, and each calculation will effectively be one tenth of a point of usage on the AvaTax contract (approximately). To get full details about how usage works you should speak with your account manager.





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