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How did the Salesforce Billing fields mapping change with AvaTax for Salesforce Billing 3.0?

This article applies to:Connector for Salesforce Billing


With the AvaTax for Salesforce Billing 3.0 release, some fields now map to different places in the API. Which fields changed and where should they map now?


Salesforce Billing



Use the following information to change the field mapping manually if you're upgrading from a previous version of AvaTax for Salesforce Billing:

Field Old mapping New mapping
Exemption Number AVA_BLNG_Exemption_Number_c AVA_MAPPER_Exemption_Number_c
Entity/Use Code AVA_BLNG_Entity_Use_Code_c AVA_MAPPER_Entity_Use_code_c
Business Identification Number AVA_BLNG_Business_Identification_Number_c AVA_MAPPER_Business_Identification_Number_c
Is Seller Importer of Record AVA_BLNG_Is_Seller_Importer_Of_Record_c AVA_MAPPER_Is_Seller_Importer_Of_Record_c




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