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How can I use a tax override in SalesForce?


You want to force a certain tax amount in a transaction, so you want to know how to use a tax override in SalesForce.


AvaTax for SalesForce


  • You must be using the newest version of the Avalara for SalesForce software (version AvaTax for Salesforce Opportunity
  • Enable the feature:
    • Go to TaxNOW settings > under TaxNOWSetting Detail select Allow Tax Override checkbox
  • Use on a transaction:
    • In your sale in SalesForce: add the product > click Edit next to the product > enter the amount in Sales Tax Amount
    • Repeat for each product which you want to use a specific tax amount


Note: A tax override tax amount will still be applied even if the customer is exempt (Exemption or Entity Use Code), or if the product is non-taxable. Tax override enables you to tax a typically nontaxable customer or product. It is not possible to use the Tax Override if you are using SST service and the transaction is destined for an SST state.