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Why am I receiving a warning about tax amount and or tax base not matching in Sage 300?


You are attempting to calculate tax or save a transaction (Order, Shipment or Invoice) and the following error appears:


Description: Warning. Tax amount and/or tax base for authority AVATAX cannot be distributed because there are no relevant amounts to base the distribution on. The detail amounts and/or tax bases will therefore remain ar zero.


Source: HH:MM:SS (this is a timestamp)


Sage 300


  • This indicates that the tax amount is not possible to apply to the AVATAX tax group, review your transaction:
    • Check all the Tax Groups to ensure all are set to AVATAX
    • Compare the Subtotal and the amount on the Taxes tab:
      • If Invoice Subtotal is $0, but the tax base and tax amount are positive, you must adjust the invoice to correct this
        • Sage 300 with Avalara AvaTax expects that a $0 transaction will have a $0 tax base and tax amount





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