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Why is the address validation button missing in Sage 100?


A Sage 100 user is unable to see the orange address validation button and you want to know how to make it visible.


Sage 100


  • Make sure no users are logged into Sage 100
  • Log in as a user with permissions to work in the Custom Office module
  • Run "Update Panels to Current Level": Custom Office Menu > Utilities > Update Custom Panels to Current Level
  • Click OK and follow on screen prompts
  • Run "Rebuild Customizer Log": Custom Office Menu > Utilities > Rebuild Customizer Log
    • This resets all customizations within the modules specified in the Rebuild Customizer Log.
  • Click OK and follow on screen prompts
  • Confirm buttons have been restored


Note: You may need to complete "Update Custom Panels to Current Level" and "Rebuild Customizer Log" twice.